Back on track. 2016, a year in Honduras. This page covers some thoughts and doubts. Feel free to share.



I stand with ….

The pipeline project on Sioux territory and repression faced at Standing Rock was gut wrenching. Likewise, the protest was inspiring. An anti-imperialist struggle in the heart of the empire. Tribes standing with tribes continuing their centuries old resistance against colonialism and discrimination. Over a million virtual check-ins at Standing Rock on Facebook in just one day.

Nevertheless, when “Standing with Standing Rock” on social media gradually increased so did some thoughts and doubts concerning solidarity with indigenous resistance movements. Now that the battle at Standing Rock has been fought, and hopefully permanently won, I share these thoughts.

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The land of the Ch’ort’i, where resistance and identity flourish


Last time I wrote I was about to cross the border. Into the Wild Wild East of Guatemala, the land of cowboy hats and boots. To one of the regions in Guatemala that holds a big piece of my heart. Chiquimula. A friend had invited me to an event in the community, Las Flores. Omar had not given me more details, only “that I needed to be there”. The event was on the 8th of March. 

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  A long sad list of killings

Olrite. Time for sounds. But what sounds? Considering the reactions to my last and first post the expectations are rather high. I just considered it a post to friends and family, about me and about Honduras. But now it’s giving me the creeps to start writing a next post. Should I stick to Honduras and my observations? Or should I redirect somewhat towards me? After all, my idea of this blog was not having to repeat in every mail how I am, how the work is going, where I’m living, if I made any friends, etc. So this one’s on me….(at least that was my plan when I started writing)

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 Tegucigalpa: city of fear

I’ m now on my first real trip out of the capital. Sitting on a beautiful island, once the home of the pirate Francis Drake, la Isla del Tigre. Nice to be out of the capital because to be fair, Tegus is doing my head in. Sometimes I wonder if will ever be able to find my place in it this coming year.


Fear and gang loathing in Tegus

I knew it was going to be dangerous and ugly. I knew this was going to limit me, where to go and what to do. I thought having lived in Guatemala City for over a year would help me adapt to Tegucigalpa. But having the reference of Guate just makes Tegus harder. Tegus is more dangerous, though sometimes I wonder if people here are just more scared. My suspicion is reinforced whenever I hear Hondurans proclaim Guate is worse then Tegus. I wonder what role the coup of 2009 plays in this societal fear.

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