About Frauke Decoodt

I have a background in activism, anthropology and journalism. They are a logical combination. All of them question the status quo. They question the taken for granted and power relationships. They try to explain what we don’t understand or know.

My journalism is an in-depth anthropological journalism. I travel to the places I cover, I stay there for a long time and do thorough research to make stories that reflect the voices of the people I meet and make sense of their world.

My journalism is activist because it is a conscious choice to inform about the many forms of violence and resistance. It’s a choice to bring stories of people and regions considered “irrelevant”. Such information and criticisms are essential if we want to question, and change, ourselves and the world around us.

My journalism is text and image. They complement each other. An image can go where words cannot. Words can explain the complex ambiguity of our different realities.

I mainly report on Central America because I lived in Honduras and Guatemala for years and  often return to the region. I worked for several human rights organizations, have a Masters in conflict anthropology and a postgraduate in international investigative journalism. I followed several photography courses, a passion that continues to grow.

One thought on “About Frauke Decoodt

  1. You work so hard for selfless ambition, we are proud of your ever enthusiastic work for social justice and love of people. Love someone who loves you Dx


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