On the pink corridor

Nicolle and Brithany are two trans women living in Honduras. They have something else in common, they both spent time in prison. They tell me about their experience in the overcrowded male prison ruled by gangs and even take me on a visit inside.

An article published in print in the New Internationalist Magazine September – October 2020

Also published online

© Frauke Decoodt. 3. Trans sex worker in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. 2018

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Fighting against cornleaf dolls and mining companies

In Copán Ruinas everybody comes to see the ancient Maya ruins. But are the Mayans in this area really something of the past? Being Maya Ch’ort’i certainly appears to be a complicated issue in this area. While most Ch’ort’i are marginalized and ashamed of their roots, their name and identity has been co-opted and their culture became an exhibition. But other Ch’ort’i do not sit back idly. Theirs is a struggle to recover their culture, and their land. In a battle against a planned mining project the assertion of Ch’ort’i identity suddenly became a tool. Maybe this new pride in a Ch’ort’i identity will solidify their claim to land.

Published by Intercontinental Cry – 6 march 2016

maya chorti guate

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